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ARMORCAM is a high performance, cost effective digital CCTV control allowing simultaneous views of up to 16 different locations. Log-in from anywhere in the world to instantly see any or all of your business locations. Combine that monitoring capability with integrated, real-time, point of sale functionality and you'll have FULL ARMOR Security Services' ARMOR CAM solution for businesses.
ARMORCAM's Central Station Software allows numerous systems to be connected with hundreds of cameras and can be custom built to meet your security needs. The powerful network structure will effectively integrate alarms and alerts from multiple locations. ArmorCam is your prescription for Point of Sale (POS) loss prevention. The POS-DVR surveillance system uses video text overlay technology to provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protects the loss of precious business assets.
With ARMORCAM IP Solution you can monitor and control one or multiple cameras from one or multiple locations for one affordable monthly rate. Solutions include from one to 8 cameras per location. Systems Include the latest technology in video recording to a secure, off-site server with no on-site DVRs to be stolen or destroyed by intruders.

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